reviews of social assistance in Ontario

social assistance in Ontario = ODSP + OW + other small benefits
ODSP = Ontario Disability Support program
OW = Ontario Works
everything is conditions and/or means-tested
everything comes with "strings attached"
everything ends before recipients reach poverty line

- "Resetting Social Assistance Reform" by Noah Zon and Thomas Granofsky, October 2019

- "Ontario to pay $1 million to private contractor to cut costs in developmental disabilities services sector"

- review of social assistance by Minister Todd Smith, started during the Summer 2019, without formal consultation, without public sharing

- survey of recipients of the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project that Minister Lisa MacLeod cancelled on July 31, 2018
- other thoughts around the idea of a basic income or guaranteed income:
---- by Hugh Segal, April 24, 2017
---- by Katie Davie, November 6, 2019
---- by Laurie Monsebraaten, September 19, 2019

- 100 days review by Minister Lisa MacLeod, started in July 31st 2018; no report, only announcement of changes on November 22, 2018
the changes announced where: no return on the cancellation of July 31, 2018 of the Basic Income Pilot Project but extension until March 31, 2019, future narrowing down of the definition of disability for ODSP, increase of earning exemptions to $6'000/year for ODSP recipients and $300/month for OW recipients, but also increase of clawbacks on earnings past the exemption to 75%.

- July 31st announcement by Minister Lisa MacLeod: cancellation of the Basic Income Pilot Project (4000 recipients), halving of the ODSP and OW allowance increases to 1.5% only, start of 100 days review that was meant to "put people back on track".

- Income Security: A Roadmap for Change (2017)
comment: not so uplifting review because it did not address the urgencies, but still the best ever, with Indigenous representation and a clear declaration that our system does not work and is systemically degrading. some of its recommendations were passed into legislation just before the June 7th change of government from Liberals to Conservatives, but they were revoked by the incoming Minister of Children, Community and Social Services Lisa MacLeod on July 31, 2018.

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