FOI/Freedom of Information Request:

Who did Minister MacLeod consult BEFORE
announcing that she will change the ODSP definition of disability?

The exact request:

"My request is rooted in the lack of due process in the reform/redesign of social assistance since July 11, 2018. I request a list of all the individuals, collectives, organizations, NGOs, Not-for-Profits, interest groups, charities, food banks, community groups, institutions, etc, whom Minister Lisa MacLeod met, solicited ideas from or received ideas, opinions, letters from regarding the Basic Income Pilot Project, Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program from the date of the swearing in of the Legislature, i.e. July 11, 2018 to the date of her announcement of the changes of OW and ODSP on November 22nd, 2018."

costs: stamps 3x, $5 fee 2x (first request was lost); $15.20 fee for work to answer to my request. total: $28.25 = 2.4% of my ODSP allowance

Original of the FOI request

Reply from the Access & Privacy Office

Summary of the reply:

- Minister MacLeod held NO CONSULTATION before she made her July 31st announcement
(cut of our allowance increases from 3% to 1.5%, cancellation of the Basic Income pilot project, revocation of 19 changes that the Liberal government had passed; beginning of the "100 days review")

- Minister MacLeod or her Ministry held NO CONSULTATION with persons with lived experience of OW or ODSP or any organizations democratically representing them

Why was our knoweldge, ability to think and decide totally dismissed in what concerns the core of our lives and the part of our common social fabric we have and are the best knowledge of?

- Minister MacLeod held NO CONSULTATION with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, nor with Indigenous organizations, nor with the authors of the latest review of social assistance published in 2017, nor with health providers.

- Minister MacLeod consulted with service deliverers
(the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association, with District Social Services Administration Boards to revise the Act that controls them, with social services deliverers, the Mayor of Lindsay to discuss "jobs unfilled" and the Basic Income there and a few other administrations)

- MPP Fee or staff consulted with administrators of programs for persons living with developmental disabilities
(REENA, Ontario Independent Facilitation Network)

- Ministry staff met with accounting, tax and business consultants (MNP), with WIRE - Woman in Renewable Energy (why?), the Association of Case Workers for introduction; they also received the Campaign 2000 November 20, 2019 report.

The office: Access & Privacy Office of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services,
Business Planning and Corporate Services Division, PO Box 978, Toronto ON M7A 1N3