On March 6, 2019, MPP Joel Harden received:

- a list of requests to the NDP
- prepared by a group of 9 people
- endorsed by 13 with lived experience
- was read to Joel Harden on March 6

- a print of the first page of the MINIMAL ACTION website
showing that 3 people were involved in MINIMAL ACTION (MA)1, 38 in MA2, at least 19 in MA3, 99 in MA4

- charts explaining the OW and ODSP earning exemptions and clawbacks

- a copy of my Freedom of Information Request of January 8, 2019

- the first page of the February 2019 survey by BICN of 424 Ontario BI recipients

- a specific appendix width CRPD's articles 12, 22 and 23 as added to the package by Angela Browne, with the phone number of her law office

- print copies of
"My affordable housing trap", by Justin Haynes
NOW Magazine, March 3, 2019
"Shelter skelter: Inside Toronto's Seaton House, Canada's largest men's shelter", by Justin Haynes
NOW Magazine February 1, 2019
"The perversion of poverty", by claude wittmann
NOW Magazine, September 20, 2019