Letter by Anonymous 4
October 29, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been on ODSP since early 90's due to chronic pain and depression from serious motor vehicle accident. The conservatives at that time said they were going to fix social services and created OW and ODSP. They also cut OW by 21.6 % and accidentally cut Disability by the same amount. No one has fixed this or addressed the discrepancy since.

I began a relationship with my nurse immediately following my accident and after 3 months ODSP deemed us common law spouses and began clawing back 50% of her earnings off my ODSP check. They have been doing that to us for 28 years.

My wife is a nurse who earns a decent living. Why on earth should she be forced to financially support me because I was on ODSP? They have clawed back over a $100,000 dollars from my wife over this time period and given me a huge over payment to boot. This is a huge source of conflict between us, each inevitably blaming the other for the clawbacks.

Thankfully she has stuck by me. But ODSP made my spouse become poor solely for being in a relationship, and having children with me, an ODSP recipient... Our home is falling apart. We are 20k behind in property taxes and our roof is in dire need of repair. High Hydro bills take every penny thats left, because our home is all electric heat. We are constantly arguing over money and on the verge of throwing in the towel.

ODSP has been cut to ribbons. The removal of the community startup fund and others has trapped disabled and their children in abusive relationships with no way out. The amount paid to people is ridiculous when you adjust for cost of living. Food bank use is through the roof. I am shaking and afraid of whats coming next.... We are on the verge of divorce and financial collapse now. For the first time since my accident I am contemplating suicide to give my wife and children a decent affordable life without me... My death will be on Fordnation and Ontario Social services' hands. But they won't care.

That's what they want...