statement by BD
August 2018

I receive no subsidies other than what ODSP gives me. I pay my rent, phone, internet and hydro out of the little over $1,100 i get each month and have about $100 left over for food to feed myself for the month. Once my next rent increase kicks in, I'm scared I'm going to end up starving. It will be a very uncomfortable existence. I have a left temporal brain tumor (benign but causes frequent partial seizures despite being on seizure medication, and i have bad side effects from the seizure medication) and severe trigeminal neuralgia on top of that, so I live my life in extreme pain as it is. Mobility because of severe headaches and instability from partial seizures makes it hard to get myself out to places like food banks and stuff so I rely on a close-by grocery store. $100 does't go far, not even in No Frills.

I have been thinking about this for quite some time: alternatively, if the government is unwilling to give ODSP recipients enough to actually pay rent and eat, and have basic utilities like phone and crappy internet (...just bare communication...), can the federal government, upon request of the provincial government, help loosen the requirements for assisted suicide?

Just putting us out of our misery like sick or abused dogs could be the most cost-efficient measure they can offer if they are not willing to even give us an increase that meets what our rent increases will be each year. That is exactly what the government is doing: treating us like dogs. They have dehumanised us, so why not offer to put us down like dogs if they are going to treat us like animals? It would make sense, wouldn't it? No one likes to see sick and starving animals, so they put them out of their misery, right?

My rent increase this year will be 1.8% and I will receive 1.5% [increase of my ODSP allowance] in October. I'm not brave enough to end my own life -so this isn't a cry for help or a suicide alert, to be clear - but if assisted suicide was an option, because people are in pain and can't afford to live what we are being provided and are not physically able to hold meaningful employment, maybe this can be a proposal. Right now, I am so stressed out, wondering how I am going to feed myself when my rent goes up, the stress is causing me to have more pain and is worse on my health than I can properly describe.