statement by Pam Patterson
September 14, 2018

I've had an excellent relationship with ODSP here in Prince Edward County. My caseworker has been enormously supportive. And while the realities of not having enough money to live are certainly there it is great to have someone to listen to and to enable me to afford get to my medical appointments. Caseworkers in the Belleville office realize how much those of us with severe disabilities and health issues live so close to the edge. Rents have almost doubled here in the area and many of us are very close to living on the streets - I am just losing my apartment and have no idea where I'm going to go. I simply cannot afford to pay the rent. Those in the OW and ODSP office are very nervous as to what is going to come down from Ford's office ! They are generally very compassionate people who understand we are not asking for help in order to abuse the system ! The stress of poverty is real !