statement made on
September 16, 2018

My Name is John Rae. I am totally blind and have been an active participant in Canada's disability rights movement for the past 43 years. Over these years, I have too often heard right wingers say callously that there is a solution to poverty ... "just go out and get a job." These individuals never offer any thoughts on where are all of these new jobs that persons with disabilities are suddenly expected to go out and obtain. They do not put into place new programs to encourage or force employers to offer more jobs to job seekers who have a disability. They do not put into place new programs that will cover the costs of needed disability supports. And they do not seem to appreciate that some persons with disabilities cannot work full time.

Instead of calling upon persons to "go and get a job," it's time more politicians put into place programs that will assist more persons with disabilities to join the mainstream of Ontario society.

John Rae